IT Support Service

We have built an exceptional reputation for providing high quality ICT support to infant, junior and primary schools across Hampshire. The core aim of Harrap ICT is to…

‘empower and support schools in order that they maximise the returns from their budgets and ensure that every child receives the best ICT experience possible’.

IT is essential to teaching, learning and administration within the school environment and we understand that the school environment can be very demanding. Schools need to be able to rely on a swift response for any IT issues that impact on the smooth running of school systems or that may impede teaching and learning.

– We offer a unique, flexible and consultative service. We balance performance and affordability dependant on each customer’s specific requirements, rather than having a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. This allows us to fully understand the individual requirements and ambitions of each of our schools
– We only work with infant, junior and primary schools – no secondary schools or businesses
– James’ experience as a teacher is fed through into the ethos of Harrap ICT. We are passionate about technology in education and many of our enthusiastic and highly skilled team have experience in both sectors

Our approach allows us to build strong relationships with schools, helping them to make full use of their existing systems as well as planning strategic upgrades for the longer-term development of their ICT facilities.

Our contract allows schools just one term’s notice should they be unhappy with any aspect of Harrap ICT, such is our drive to provide an impressive service.